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” Najwa I, Is One Of The Most Amazing Trailblazers Of
African American Heritage Dance In Chicago”

Najwa l

Najwa l

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Reaching Your Creative Goals

Najwa is a living dance legend and has been encouraged to share her knowledge and experience in a consulting capacity. As a professional performing artist for many years she achieved success as a dance artist, choreographer, play director, artistic director, dance company director and educator.

Upon retiring from active participation in the entertainment/performing arts world she is dedicating herself to helping others have more access to the arts, as well as, helping to assure artists will be able to produce to their most creative capability. She will consider the requests of artists, especially dance artists that seek advice or require assistance in organizing, professionalizing, and presenting their “creative offerings”

Now is the time to make things happen for yourself

Consider looking for new stages, venues and outlets to teach, rehearse and perform. Some of the struggles that dancers and other artists face are changing but some things still remain the same. Through your creativity join the push for change.

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Najwa I, has been dancing most of her life. She was born into the deep aroma of Black styles and life in Clarksdale, Mississippi and evolved through early dance experiences on Chicago’s Westside. As a young dancer, after performing throughout Chicago and the Midwest, she soon entered the international realm, obtaining a berth with Larry Steele Smart Affairs, tracking stylistically through Australia and New Zealand. From her travels, she not only became an accomplished and diverse dancer, but she also obtained an acknowledged sensitivity to the expressive powers of other cultures. Upon her return to America, Najwa glided through a show business career that included the theatre circuit of the Regal and Tivoli in Chicago, the Apollo in New York, the Howard in Washington DC and theatres throughout Canada. She performed with such greats as Dinah Washington, Count Basie, and Duke Ellington.

Najwa I, is also an internationally acclaimed fire dancer, has trained under dance masters throughout the world. She continues this tradition of teaching, performing, and artistic endeavors through the NAJWA DANCE CORPS. Experiencing her choreography is like tasting the highlights of the rich African-American dance and theatre tradition and being immersed in the consuming and expressive flame of warm creativity. Including the 1977 Second World Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture (Lagos, Nigeria), to performances throughout the United States, and the Caribbean, Najwa’s choreography to this day continues to entertain and instruct audiences throughout the world. She has received great recognition and critical acclaim for the preservation of African American heritage dance. She is renowned for her on going contribution to the dance community as well as, culturally empowering and enlightening youth thru dance.


Najwa I, has received many prestigious awards for her contribution to the arts including the “Women In Dance Award” (NY.),”The Paul Roberson Award” Chicago), “Woman Of The Year Award” (Chicago), The Legacy Award (Chicago). Najwa I was inducted into The History Makers in 2004 (Chicago). She is an Enstooled Elder of The BOLOZI WAZEE COUNCIL OF ELDERS (Chicago) and was the CHIEF ELDER OF”DANCE AFRICA CHICAGO”. THE BLACK HERITAGE AWARD (Chicago) was presented to her in recognition of her contribution to the preservation of African American Heritage Dance. She Just recently received the “DR. MARGARET TAYLOR BURROUGHS AWARD FOR CULTURAL ARTS” from the Women’s Board of the DuSable Museum of African American History, (Chicago, 2013)

The Complete Video oral History Interview of Najwa I is a permanent part of the History Makers Collection at the Library of Congress (Washington, D.C)

“When The Music Changes, So Does The Dance”

-African Proverb

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